AI and the Arts

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

AI is the new thing worldwide right now and there is multiple news about this . And you must be wondering what AI is. The full meaning is Artificial Intelligence , the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.Since there is news that it can do many jobs and it can mimic someone’s poem and writes it own poems or a whole book in a short period of time and also mimic voices of artistes . So the major problem of this is that the AI is great but we shouldn't let it takeover human lifestyle we shouldnt depend on it too much and , for example the person who used AI to create a book said we it was good but what gives out a good book is when a human puts its feeling into writing a book and someone people would use AI to do their homework and stuff like that and not put in the work , there are some major risks in AI and people have different opinions in how AI should be controlled .AI could mimic people into thinking that they did a bad thing like bribing the person or committing fraud ,we should only use AI to do good things for our needs not for things we could do ourselves , I think personally that they should be limits and extends that AI can go to and they should be someone responsible for controlling the AI and the major debate now , is who would control the AI . This could be used for fraud and bribery , so the government needs to put in policies for the AI . In order to decrease the amount of fights there are gonna be if they use AI to copy someone .So my opinion or my most relevant opinion is that they should have policies over AI.In conclusion it is good for society but we should use it wisely and responsibly and this could be the future. Ai seems to be really smart but there are lots of things that ai cant do such as Common sense reasoning Understanding abstract concepts Creativity Emotions and consciousness Tasks involving complex, unstructured data Tasks requiring empathy and compassion Understanding context Tasks that requires a lot of experience and intuition Tasks that requires understanding and interpretation of idiomatic expressions Tasks that requires common sense understanding of the physical world. Abstract. AI leads to transformative applications within a series of industrial, intellectual, and social applications, far beyond those caused by previous industrial revolutions. Furthermore, AI has proven to be superior to human decision-making in certain areas. So these are my points for AI