This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

AI is really cool and advanced but is it really all that trustworthy? Artificial intelligence is now so advanced that you can create any image with just a few words and it also can write a whole essay in seconds. This may seem very clever at first but how can we know people will not use it for the wrong reasons? I think this is an important question and needs to be looked upon more; there have been times when people have used ai to , for example, create art to submit into an art competition and write things for schoolwork. Yes, ai is incredibly smart but is it really worth the risk?

In my opinion, I think AI is amazing and insanely advanced but I am aware of how powerful it is. Pros on ai is that it’s fun and can give you cool ideas and you can experiment with its art. I think people are really clever to have made it this far with technology but as I have already said, people have been caught using it for wrong, school students using it to write important essays and ‘artists’ using it to steal other artists' style. It is crazy how much artificial intelligence can do.

I think artificial intelligence shouldn’t be exactly banned as it is very fun and advanced technology but there must be a way to stop it from writing long paragraphs and stealing famous artists' art styles. These are mostly the only dangers that people need to be wary of. I just personally think ai is too cool and fun to be taken down but too powerful to be ignored of its hazards.