AI and the arts

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

AI and the arts is an interesting topic, the reason being is that it has multiple perspectives to it, positive and negative. Positive perspectives are that you could for example create art or use it for inspiration, that positive side is acceptable. The thing is people are going overboard using AI and its skills to make it create things then selling it as their own work or just making money out of it. Negative perspectives are the people that are being affected by the AI. These are people that have jobs such as singers, artists, ad companies. This is due to the fact that AIs can do their jobs so that means that they could start replacing them and lose money.

Developing different perspectives on AI there are multiple factors why AI is good and bad. People that could be positively affected by AI are people that are new to producing so they could make the AI create covers of songs, art and recipes they could sell. Generally the positive side is that people get easy money and a faster route to success. Next is the people that are getting a negative effect out of AI.The first example is including singers, musicians etc. AI can create music using their personality and voice so that means it can create covers or new songs. This could affect the stars because they could be copyrighted because people would think they stole other musicians' songs but it wasn’t actually them, they wouldn’t be given credit and wouldn’t have agreed to this but now someone is making money because of them. An example of this is when tik tok user ‘Ghostwriter997’ had used artists Drake and The Weeknd’s voices and music styles to generate a fake song called “Heart on my sleeve”. This shows that AI can create things us humans work hard for in seconds so people would find it easier to use them then forget about the actual creatures. This is the same for artists and their art. The last negative effect is the people who are also getting positive effects from this. This is because they can get copyrighted or sued by the creator.

I personally think that AI should be used to a limit. What I mean is that people could use AI for just fun or inspiration but they shouldn’t go overboard using it. Overboard meaning stealing creatures like The Weeknd’s voices or selling fake art. This would just be unfair for the people who have worked hard to get where they are now because they might have been through so much just to get to the point of life where they are right now.