Ai and the arts : do they really go together?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Ai and art : does it really go together?

People have been making art for a very long time but when Ai started to rise in popularity and became more accessible to the public many people started to make art using the ai software. While many people still think that human creativity can’t be matched, the other group of people think that because AI can replicate many different styles of art, human artists don’t matter anymore. In this essay I'll be talking about whether or not Ai and art really go together.


There are many positives to this incredible software most notably is how you could make new styles and make a living of “your” art work or making art easier for someone who has good ideas but no ability to draw. Some people might think it’s lazy but i believe that it doesn’t really matter if you have good ideas. Ai allows people to make new cover of song with artists dead, alive or people who would never work together


Sadly there are some negatives that would affect a lot of people like the fact that some artists could be out of a job if ai learns their style of art. Sadly a lot of songs, images and characters are copyrighted so most of the really cool things ai makes gets copyright stricken which means it get taken of the internet. People in the next generation might lose their sense of creativity due to ai because you don’t really have to be creative to make something with the software.

Conclusion / opinion

Overall in my not so professional opinion I think that ai and art do go together quite well or well enough since you can make any medium of art ranging from music to 3d models to paintings. This is very impressive when you consider the amount of time it took for the developers to finally complete their project. Now that ai has been released to the public you can make anything your heart desires.


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