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In my mind i think that if someone has an idea but doesn't have the skills to make it they... AI poll results! 10/5/23
I believe that because ai can copy other artists it means that it could be used to ruin the... Inspiration... or stealing? 10/5/23
I got a nine in the test and that surprised me since i didn't think i knew that much about the... Test your knowledge 04/5/23
I think that if your working conditions or wage are bad enough to the point where you can't... Can everyone strike? 28/4/23
I think Nev would be the most important if he went on strike since it would put everyone in danger :( Pick ONE person 28/4/23
since the earth is the main reason we're all even alive so i think that earth day shouldn't be... Is one day enough? 28/4/23
I think that it wouldn't be fair if not everyone could strike and it makes sense for everyone's... Strikes poll results! 24/4/23
i scored a nine. i learned that a lot of kids play roblox Test your knowledge 24/4/23
i liked this quiz because it didn't about climate change :) Test your knowledge! 21/4/23
I agree because news is very nice becuse it tells me the stuff that happend that day that i... Start of Festival survey 21/4/23