AI and the Arts

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

I Think that AI and the arts are important because you can make really cool pictures and art in just a couple of seconds. Because of this people will not have to spend as much money, time and effort to make amazing art. The only bad thing about this is that some of the artwork isn’t original and it’s copied without permission from famous artists.

Due to this, lots of people are not happy and are starting to debate whether we should use it or not. This AI is new so in a couple of years most of the art will probably be made from AI.

Lots of artists won’t like it a lot because using AI doesn’t take effort unlike the artists painting and drawing for hours. Artists will be affected more because they have come up with the ideas, do a rough sketch, then do the final sketch, then they have to paint it/colour it by hand which can take hours, if not even day to complete an art piece.whereas the people who use AI just have to think of an idea, then type it into the chatbot of the AI and within seconds, they will get pretty good art. My view on AI and the arts is that it’s very good for making good looking, cheap and quick finishing art without putting much effort in. The positives are that it’s cheap, quick to make, looks good, can be made on phones, Ipads, laptops, PC’s, consoles e.t.c.

AI art is known to be cheap, this makes it popular online to make beautiful pieces of art. AI art is also known for being very quick to make, the only thing you have to do is write down what design you want and then within seconds it will produce a high quality and highly detailed piece of art

AI art can be made on lots of devices, meaning you don’t need a specific device to make it

The negatives are that it doesn’t show your potential in art, some of the work can be copyrighted from famous artists from the past and can sometimes be errors in the art.


My conclusion is that AI art is good because you can make nice looking artwork for a cheap price and it is made quickly for you, coming out with very good quality and beautiful, factual details.