AI future

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

The AI production was an idea made in 1956 in the summer by a person that soon went to a institute in college probably because of that idea and also maybe because the person was most likely a genius.

The people from the future most likely if they continue with the idea of robots and advanced technology as in supreme technology may cause world domination for the robots and the advanced technology that we might be able to create,If we do not continue with the idea we may cause our world to go back time as in the dinosaur era when there was dinosaurs everywhere,our world if go back in time may not be dinosaurs but yes other creatures that can be way worse than some normal dinosaurs.

Tho the world would go back in time but at the same time stay at the era that we are at this exact time the world would be in EXTREME danger,the animals would have everywhere as their house so if we were in any part of the world you would have to be careful so you wouldn’t get yourself killed by being in the wrong spot in the wrong time.

The conclusion of this all is that basically if you keep on going with this insane technology and involve the robots,technology and even helpers(robots that help much people with their daily job) they may take it all on us by getting their own minds,their own choices and even their own hatred of people.I think that people should involve it a little bit but depending on if they can end it then they should because if not we would all be done for and basically the human kind would be extinct and maybe even like the animals are also involving so the robots and the animals would probably take all their hate on us because of what most humans have done in the past such as take their family away and treat them badly and all so the people are basically done for if we do continue