ai images

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Ai image has started to become 1 of the most intelligent ai’s on the internet with it being able to come up with a image in under seconds.all people have to do to work it is but in a thew words,(for example “cat stuck in a tree”) there would be over thousands of pictures that would come up. This can be both helpful and effective to certain people in different ways.

With this Ai, people can create things like website pictures, images for video games and images for nearly everything on the internet. It can help with what you're trying to explain as well since all you have to do is type what you're thinking about and it would come up.But there is a big problem with AI,there are some people that would use it for their advantages. Ai image has been used to enter art competitions since the people who are judging it cant tell if it was made by them or made by an ai image. 1 person who won once was called boris eldagsen in 2023 since he used it and won first place. Many artists call ai images “fake art” since it was not made by their hands and all they did was put a few words into a machine that would do it for them. Another reason ai images are bad for people is because some pictures mite have been put on there without someone's permission for them to be on there.

In my opinion it is a good thing for most people with there being many possibilities to use this in good ways such as examples for websites,backgrounds and front pictures. It can help with many sides of the internet but still has problems with it being entered in art competitions. But out of all of it i think it should still be on the internet but something on the images should have a detection thing to show that it is a ai image and was not created by them. Ai images are amazing and should be valuable on working on so in my opinion this is a good thing to have.