AI Technology and Arts

Ai Technology and Arts.

I think that the technology can improve massively throughout the different years the world will go through.The Ai Technology can be used in 2 different ways, One of those ways being in a good way and the other way is the bad way.Depending on how the technology is used, It can definitely improve the world massively or it can make the world a horrible place.A positive way that it can improve the world is by helping out the people.For example,It can be used to help you locate things easier for travel quicker.On the other hand, It can be also used as a negative side.The reason why people might use the Ai badly is maybe because they want everything for themselves or they like to see people hurt.Meanwhile, People could make enough Ai’s to take over countries in many years of time just because all they want is to seem cool or be rich.


There are many ways that the Ai can improve the world through the years and one of them could be helping people with their negative electronics.

Another way that the AI can help is to help you in work or help you with anything around the house or anything that you belong to.


There are a lot of ways that the Ai can make the world a horrible place.For example, People can use it to make people hurt or take over various countries.


The AI would be amazing for the world but without a leader or anyone to rule over the Ai’s, The ai would be out of control and there would be a big mess making the world a worse place than it currently is.At the same time, The leader would have to responsible enough to take over all of the AI and not to take over the whole world with the AI being produced.At the same time, If the leader would decided that he would want to take over the whole world for himself, It would be a tough decision to either defend or try to kill the leader.Without a trustworthy leader or even a leader, The world would be a disaster and a horrible place with one.At the same time, There could be just governments who take control over the Ai being re produced.