AI Technology

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

AI Technology


This topic is important because AI could become the future and we will use it alot because it is an artificial human intelligence. Ai can become dangerous someday or even really helpful and I'll be talking about the positives and the bad things. In my opinion this topic would be great because AI has a lot of potential to be used everywhere, robots, computers and more. Ai can be good because we can use it for complicated things and for making different things like games and art. People would think it would be bad because Ai can ruin things like art like it wouldn't make sense if an Ai generated piece got the highest score.


It would be good having Ai because it can help us a lot in alot of things such as planning, helping in writing and more.

Ai is (human artificial intelligence) that is super (powerful). It can research millions of things in under 0-3 seconds!


Ai can be bad, for example it can give you false (information) or maybe in the future it can bully you. There are possibilities that it can damage your intelligence because you're using it so much and it can be used for cheating in school.


In my opinion I'm for it but only if we have a leader that we can trust and is smart with Ai because Ai can get really out of hand if we don't. I would think it's a good idea because Ai is very intelligent in making decisions and giving you information. For example if you need help with planning something for the weekend it will give you a lot of things for example Movies, take a hike, go bowling and more. We should vote on who should lead AI, who has really good skills in Technology and AI. Also very trustworthy.

This would make an impact because it would make us feel safe and it would make Ai very accessible to everyone around the world.