Artificial intelligence is a double-edged sword

The scientific and technical discoveries that humans invent every day provide ways and methods to solve dilemmas and carry out specific duties with the least possible time and effort.

Artificial intelligence, which has become known and applied in many aspects of life, is one of the most important findings of science during the past decade, but the benefits and desired results from its applications vary with the difference in the goals set in the first place.

These goals may be completely contradictory, but at the same time they serve the purposes set for them, which prompts careful thought about the feasibility of all these inventions. Are they really useful?

Interest in this position is relative, it may be positive for some, but negative for others.

In China, with the exacerbation of the "Corona virus" crisis, the government used independent robots to benefit from it in the process of delivering medicines and medical supplies to people and hospitals in all places.

On the other hand, a team of researchers at the University of Buffalo, USA, is working on taking advantage of artificial intelligence to study the electrical brain waves and eye movements accompanying about 25 people while they were playing a strategic video game.

The study relies on collecting the largest possible amount of data extracted from the players' brains and employing them later to build an advanced artificial intelligence system that can control the strategic actions and duties assigned to entire military units of autonomous robots.

The researchers have already designed a strategy game that takes five to ten minutes per round to complete, and then collect the necessary data from the players' brains through special measuring devices placed on their heads.

The study authors expect that if each player plays six or seven rounds, the research team will have enough data to apply an advanced artificial intelligence system and control robotic groups consisting of 250 robots that have strategic missions on the ground and in the air, giving them the ability to move and navigate individually. or collectively within different and unpredictable environments.

Hence, it is clear that artificial intelligence is a double-edged sword, which can be used in peaceful and medical fields, and can also be used in combat and strategic wars. In any case, these results are important benefits for those concerned, but these benefits are relative and vary according to the current situation from one person to another.

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