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Honestly, I learned a lot in this festival, but learning new knowledge and skills caught my... The Festival is coming to an end… 22/5/23
I think a good topic for the Topical Talks Festival 2024 will be. Until now, the US... Competition #7 Topical Talk in your classrooms 22/5/23
Al Jazeera Media Institute launched the digital "story" platform, which is concerned with short... The news where you are 18/5/23
Negotiation is one of the things we practice constantly. Therefore, mastering this art is very... Expert challenge: strikes 18/5/23
What are negotiation skills? persuasion. planning. Strategic thinking. Teamwork and... Expert challenge: strikes 18/5/23
Today I heard a story that amazed me and I want you to see it with me ending the controversial... The news where you are 17/5/23
China is aggressively entering the space race At the beginning of the year, China became the... The news where you are 17/5/23
It seems that the coronation of King Charles III was a major event in the United Kingdom.... Not for everyone? 16/5/23
Ben Mango is a member of Extinction Rebellion (XR) and also a Quaker. He joined XR after... Ben answers your questions! 16/5/23
Since the number of women is more than males, some of the surplus male schools can be taken and... The news where you are 16/5/23
I learned alot. in this festival. Firstly. I was having difficulties, so I didn't like the... Standpoint tips from our experts! 16/5/23
How can you improve communication and interaction with others? Here we highlight five useful... Standpoint tips from our experts! 15/5/23
Last year, a painting of Edmund Bellamy sold for $432,000. You might find the price a bit... Inspiration... or stealing? 12/5/23
The theme of Earth Day is the most appropriate for me and my community, because we do many... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 12/5/23
Vanessa Nakate began her journey as a climate activist in 2018. With the climate crisis posing... Clover answers your questions! 12/5/23
We are used to hearing the phrase "Nothing is impossible" from an early age. Is this phrase... Ben answers your questions! 11/5/23
Here are two ways you can be part of the solution to the climate crisis: First, spread... Climate change in court 11/5/23
What is meant by the concept of environmentally friendly projects or green projects?... Climate change in court 10/5/23
A song that uses artificial intelligence to reproduce the voices of singers Drake and The Weeknd... Photos and voices 09/5/23
After a lavish coronation ceremony, he began talking about the challenges facing King... Not for everyone? 09/5/23