IA's can't replace human art

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Art leads to the integral development of the human person. Due to the communicative function, art works as a communication channel through which the exchange of thoughts, feelings, ideas, about the character, the personal characteristics of the artist and the aspirations of the people take place.

All of us who are dedicated to carrying out some type of artistic activity, either professionally or as a hobby, are fully aware of its importance and its impact on society.

Art has existed in society since the beginning of time, it was born at the same time as the human being, and it accompanies him throughout his entire existence. Through the different historical epochs.

When we are in contact with an artistic work, whatever it may be, musical, literary, painting... we are going to try to understand it, to interpret what we want to convey to you. Art teaches us to see different types of realities, it takes us to other times and other worlds.

AI-generated art is created using artificial intelligence algorithms, while human-made art is created by human artists. AI art can be produced quickly and in large quantities, and it can be highly detailed and complex. However, it may lack the emotional and personal touch that human-made art often has. Human-made art can be more expressive and convey the artist’s unique perspective, but it may be less precise and take longer to produce. Both types of art have their own unique characteristics and can be enjoyed for different reasons.

So, while the AI model may be able to generate new and unique art, it is still ultimately dependent on human input and direction. However, some AI models, such as GPT-3, can generate art by themselves, without human prompts, by using the knowledge they’ve learned from the dataset they were trained on. But even in this case, the dataset itself is curated by humans.

Summarizing the above, I think that artificial intelligences are very useful for other types of fields, but not when it comes to making art.

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  • "However, it may lack the emotional and personal touch that human-made art often has." This is something often said about AI creation. However, often, people cannot tell the difference when shown.

    A small correction on your paragraph (this does not come from malice and comes from simply a desire for everyone to be educated about AI) GPT-3 is not an art model, and is a text model, for generating text. It is incapable of generating art. You may be thinking of DALL-E, an ai art model made by the same company.