Is AI a good thing?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


AI has improved over and will carry on evolving throughout the next years but is it actually a good thing.It steals information/art very easily without a source or where it got it from.This means it can plagiarise the internet without a problem and will be a big part in the future for humanity.Even if it is will it be a good thing for us?People

won’t be as creative and will be more lazy because they will ask the AI to do it for them.There are good things to AI though.

Positives about AI

AI will help in the future because if it gets smart enough it would help humanity since it could replant stuff or build stuff faster.This means it could make the earth a good place for everyone to live in.If AI will become that smart then maybe global warming will be less of a problem.It is also cheap to make and it fast.Also it is very reliable.

Negatives about AI

Ai could also be a bad thing since it could make people less creative and more lazy.Also it can find information people wouldn’t want people to see.This could lead to wars.It steals information from people and doesn’t even say where they got it from and when it makes art it doesn’t feel emotion so the art is much better to an actual artist doing it.


Overall AI could be in the middle since it would help with some things but it also could not be but we won’t know until we wait and see in the future.It will probably be a good thing though since now it helps with a lot of things but makes people think less.