Should AI be used for art?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

AI (Artificial intelligence) is known for many things, but our question is; can and should AI be used for art? AI has been used for art, writing, helping etc. Although using AI can be great, it can also be mis-used and make mistakes. Even though it can help students in exams, it can also be used to cheat. For example, some students have had an important essay to write. Just by typing a couple of words into AI, it can turn it into an essay. Allowing you to take credit for something that made no effort.

We know others think it shouldn't be used but what do others think about this? Some people think that AI should not be used for art and some think it shouldn't even exist due to many problems such as; since AI is making all the art and doing things for humans, this could end up taking jobs. AI taking jobs and doing them instead of humans, taking the jobs could end up with humans not being able to have any money and ending up poor, ill and starving. This could lead to human extinction. irresponsible people could program them to target and be misused, leading them to take over.

What about the people who think it should be used? Well, some think that it is a perfect fit in art because AI can create more tools and endless designs. AI can generate a realistic piece of art within seconds; meanwhile, humans would take several hours or even days.

In my opinion, I think that AI shouldn’t be used for art. Due to the fact that it could take people's jobs leading to poverty and human extinction. Not just that, but it could be used to cheat in exams, competitions, etc. due to AI doing a lot of things. It can make art in seconds and write essays. You could easily ask AI to generate a piece of art and win a competition. Plus, since we humans are the ones making and designing AI, we could make a minor mistake leading to a huge mistake, for example; AI being smart enough to kill. Although it is literally proven to not use AI, I think it can still be used as inspiration, not just to take jobs/credit and steal art.