The art of drawing feelings on the ground

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  • Hello Honestly, I benefited a lot from this festival because I was able to get acquainted with many different opinions on this subject, and I also enjoyed it. I used to think that the entry of artificial intelligence into art does not make the owner an artist, but rather an amateur, and I thought that the painting drawn by artificial intelligence does not contain feelings, as the painting drawn with brushes and colors contains, and I also thought that whoever uses artificial intelligence is not creative, but I discovered after reading the comments of the rest of the students in the festival Artificial intelligence is a double-edged sword, and we do not judge a thing by its appearance. Artificial intelligence is very useful in terms of increasing the person’s spirit of challenge and increasing his love for art. Artificial intelligence can also be used to teach students, as he said, “the genius of the moon,” and that every person has an inner creativity, as he said. "White Elephant" and other students.