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You are right and I agree with you on this, meaning that they have to give as much as they took,... Climate change in court 22/5/23
Why don't we form a group everywhere as part of this large group and call it the Climate Change... Climate change in court 22/5/23
Well, when looking at the matter from a different angle, we find that the companies provide a... Climate change in court 22/5/23
I think that we should not judge things from what they seem, as we all saw the coronation... Not for everyone? 17/5/23
You are right, I also think she is a very wonderful person and she is a true example of the... Competition #6 Expert learning 17/5/23
If I run a coffee shop, I will make sure that: 1- Solar panels must be used, otherwise... Expert challenge: Earth Day 17/5/23
If we implement the first option, many students will be wronged because they are not involved in... What should be done? 12/5/23
Yes, there may be a lot of pressure on the children of celebrities, and this may lead to people... Nepo-babies in the news 09/5/23
I think this is a big problem and it should be ended, but how??! This is the question I asked... Suggest a discussion! 09/5/23
Well let's say that I am a director of a company and I want an accountant for my company and my... Nepotism poll results! 09/5/23
I thought like you until I read the rest of the students’ comments and got acquainted with the... Topical Talk in your classrooms 05/5/23
I think there is no problem with this, because people have different skills, abilities, and... Topical Talk in your classrooms 05/5/23
You know, I consider art a weapon and it is possible to make it in our favor, that is, instead... AI poll results! 05/5/23
Well herein lies the dividing point between real painter and AI painter. The difference between... AI poll results! 03/5/23
Really, this festival is very wonderful and it helped to increase my culture and my personal... Competition #4 Then and now 02/5/23
We all know that if someone wants to achieve his dream, he must stay up at night and learn... AI poll results! 02/5/23
Well, I agree with you on this, but there is a big difference between being inspired and... Inspiration... or stealing? 02/5/23
You are right, and I agree with you on this, but with regard to point 4, I think that there are... AI poll results! 02/5/23
If anyone imitates my drawing, I will feel really angry and sad, because I was the one who... Inspiration... or stealing? 02/5/23
In my class, there were those who rejected the whole idea and did not agree that artificial... Topical Talk in your classrooms 02/5/23