Why AI shouldn't exist

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Firstly, I believe that Artificial Intelligence should not exist. This is because of two main problems. One of the problems that I see with AI is that we could all end up being poor and starve. I know this could possibly happen as it happens to do anything including teaching, creating artwork etc. If AI continues to do this, it could lead to less jobs for all of us so we would be suffering from illness, poverty and starvation. This could lead to extinction of humans. Additionally, AI has also been proved to be a danger for us all. This information has been gathered from Elon Musk himself saying he is afraid of AI. It is shown that AI can be dangerous if it is used irresponsibly or maliciously. For example, if AI algorithms are designed to target and manipulate people or if AI algorithms are not programmed to consider ethics, privacy, and human rights, then they can become harmful to humans and society. AI systems also raise issues regarding the freedom of expression and the freedom of association, for example. As a result, I think AI is disgraceful.

I myself have used AI and I must say it was absolutely devastating and farcical. I had asked AI what the dangers were of its own self. It was practically giving me lots of reasons why it is harmful. It had even come up with many disadvantages like how it can’t do certain abilities and may not always provide the most accurate results. Other people like me as well have said that there have never been any fixes even though there were glitches companies should’ve done something about it, but they didn’t.

However, someone else may disagree with my opinion based off the AI. This is because it helps many people such as students preparing for an exam. The way they might see it is as a guide or even a friend. It can make friends with someone lonely and instead make them feel valued and loved. In fact, one of the main advantages of the AI is that it can help reduce errors significantly and increase accuracy. The decisions taken by AI in every step is decided by information previously gathered and a certain set of algorithms. When programmed properly, these errors can be reduced to none. Finally, it can manage repetitive tasks as well.

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  • I completely agree with this. I have more reasons to back up this claim.

    A.I. (which is thought to be a good, fun thing) can be a fun thing to mess around with but sometimes it could be a thief in around two different ways. An example of a good use is that it could be used for fun or for a friendly competition (we will get further into this later) or it could be used in horrible situations such as framing, laziness (we will also get further into this later.) Now that I have the main gist of my argument, let’s get into further detail.

    In a way, A.I. can be a good thing as people can use it in a way that could be used in a fun way. This could be like (as I mentioned earlier) a friendly competition such as “two people use A.I. to generate an image and see which one is better” or it could be used as a laughing machine like if someone generated an image of a cat in a tutu. But all good things have a bad side to them. Although A.I can be used for fun and good things, it can also be used in terrible ways. One example of this is that A.I. could be used for frauding your way to wealth. An example of frauding could be noticed in early 2023 when there was a Sony photography competition. The winner (a man named Boris Eldagsen) won the competition but later, he declined his prize and confessed that he used A.I. Luckily, Eldagsen is a generous person and not a fraud but we have to remember that not everybody is like this. And now we have my second point, framing. There are many websites that can impersonate someone’s voice (mostly famous people) and although they are not the best right now, they can evolve and become better which could result in somebody who hates someone to type a racial slur or something as offensive as that and make the artist’s or the celebrities voice and make it sound like the celebrity said it although they did not.

    These are all the points I have made out of logic. My opinion is that A.I. should be shut down because of the reasons above or at least make a subgenre called A.I. art or make an A.I. detector.