A life without laws means a polluted planet

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  • Due to the importance and seriousness of this topic, it was discussed as the first topic in the competition. In the discussions, people were on two sides, one side educating people and one side being educated. As for me, I was on the other side because I was not sufficiently aware of this problem. Well, let's move on to setting laws and penalties frankly. I support the idea of ​​having penalties for those who disobey the law so that it can be an example to others. I also suggest that the punishment be harsh, such as paying a large amount of money or imprisonment. In this case, we would have benefited in both cases. If no one disobeys the law, then this will be appropriate for the environment And the planet, but if the law is broken, we will benefit from this person when he pays this money by making or inventing machines that help the environment or trying to replace these pollutants with one of the types of renewable environment.
  • Also, this problem did not end there, as many animals became extinct, especially marine organisms, most of which became extinct due to environmental pollution. About 15 species of these animals became extinct from the ocean, such as:
  • 1- Labrador duck. It was last seen in New York in 1878.
  • 2- The Great Auk.
  • 3- Rare snails.
  • 4- The Caribbean monk seal. I really feel sorry for these innocent creatures that have nothing to do with us except that we were the reason for their extinction. I believe that if we mention this topic in our awareness that we mention, it will undoubtedly help people solve this problem.