Are we doing enough to fight climate change

Climate change is a long term change in the average weather pattern. The reason that climate change has increased is due to the production of more carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas. The debate concerning climate change would be, Are we doing enough to fight climate change? One side of the debate are the people who believe it would be pointless to try to fight climate change as many wouldn’t be able to adapt to the different lifestyle, while on the other side are the people who believe we’re not doing

enough. In their eyes, no one is doing enough. The Government should be more involved in the topic and the human population should be making more of an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and Co2 emissions because it is not, what new lifestyle are we going to adapt to if there is nothing to adapt to?

First, we will be talking about the affirmative point of view. They believe that fighting climate change would be pointless as many wouldn’t be able to adapt. Only 85% of the world would be affected by climate change, meaning that 15% could still be habitable; while, the opposing side believes we aren’t doing enough. If climate change gets worse, it is believed that by 2050, The Antarctic would have melted causing the ocean currents to slow down. At the moment, 90% of Co2 is absorbed by the ocean. But, if the currents slow down; less co2 would be taken up. More would end up in the atmosphere causing temperatures to rise.

In my opinion, The Government should be doing more to fight climate change as should the rest of us. 235 species would lose their habitats. 3.4 million people would die and nearly 167 million homes would get destroyed. Maybe, some people may not be able to adapt, but; we can’t destroy the world due to it. While I do understand the affirmative point of view, I don’t agree with it. If there was a need for adaptation, only 1 million people are estimated to die but if the situation changes 3.4 million would die. In my point of view, to reduce Co2 emissions we should do things like drying clothes on a line instead of using a dryer as it will reduce energy consumption but still dry your clothes. Another solution would be getting energy-saving light bulbs. They are cheap to buy, will reduce your electricity bill and help the world. In conclusion, small changes like this are big for the climate change fight.