Our land day

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Earth day...

World Earth Day We celebrate Earth Day April 22

We celebrate it because we are looking for our land. We support, strengthen and intensify our capabilities in protecting and preserving it, and educating as many people as possible that this is the land we were born on, and we will remain and die on it clean.

We love our land so much, we consider it a symbol of resistance and dignity

We all cooperate in protecting our land and keeping it clean. The children work on recycling paper, plastic and glass into works of art or tools that we use and

Young men and ancestors cooperate in planting flowers, planting trees, sterilizing the air and the oxygen you breathe

My mother and neighbors cooperate in watering flowers, preventing smoke, and using renewable energy

The men plant olive trees, which is a symbol of the steadfastness of this land and the giving of our dignity. We love its presence in our neighborhood.

How beautiful is the coming of Earth Day...

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  • I completely agree that it is beautiful to celebrate Earth Day by planting flowers and trees, sterilizing the air, and using renewable energy. It's wonderful to see young men and ancestors working together to make our planet healthier and more beautiful. I'm glad that my mother and neighbors are doing their part by watering flowers, preventing smoke, and using renewable energy. I think it's really cool that they are planting olive trees, which represent the steadfastness of our land and the giving of our dignity. Earth Day reminds us to take care of our planet and appreciate its natural beauty. I'm excited to do my part in making the Earth a better place!