Pollution: One of the bi problems towards our beautiful environment.

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The environment is a unique thing involving everything around us. From the vast oceans to the lush forests, everything is part of this. Humans as a species have ruined the environment. With pollution, we have flooded the oceans with many poisons that will be there for millennium. Below is my idea for tackling pollution. Many ecosystems under the waves have been ruined and I have a solution to this problem. It is amazingly simple but will change the lives of many.

Now, I think the big problem I must address is the pollution of our once pristine oceans. The oceans are home to many delicate ecosystems that rely on every individual. We have dumped our plastic on the floor being too lazy to walk to the nearest bin. This plastic gets swept by the wind extremely far towards a beach. The tide comes in and brings the plastic bag into the ocean. A few hours later that plastic bag washes up on a turtle breeding ground far, far away from where you dropped it onto the pavement. A turtle mistakes it for a jellyfish and eats it. Later it dies due to choking on it. My solution for the waste problem is for more bins and the ban of manufacturing plastics. Bins are necessary for disposing of waste and there needs to be more everywhere. Many people litter and if there is a bin in every area, I think littering will end. Plastic should be banned from being manufactured. Firstly, a bunch of toxic gases are made during the making of plastics. Secondly, there are many alternatives like paper and cardboard and if an eco-talk topic gets put in place at schools, I think children will learn about even more alternatives than I have written down. For the plastics remaining there will still be many recycling centres ready to recycle the plastic into a newer and better material. The Eco Talk would be arequired topic to learn at school since so many people still do not know much about the environment.

This is my solutions to pollution, one of the biggest problems for the environment. I hope my idea will one day be used and will contribute towards the brighter future of the environment.

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  • Well what i think about pollution is that is big problem in the world , because the weather is changing , and since the weather is changing, many people are getting sick because it is very cold and suddenly very hot, we are destroying the planet, the fish are dying due to plastic, the animals are suffering, the sea is full of plastic and dirt, houses are deteriorating due to the weather, people change their mood due to the weather, we are destroying the forests, and more, so in my iponion you should become aware of this issue since it is quite important and It is affecting the planet, we have to recycle a lot, not throw things on the ground, but rather in the trash, avoid plastic, I think that by doing this we could save the planet