The earth a planet of endless wonders of life and possibilities only planet habitable by Humans filled with lovely resources

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


My plant the earth is the only planet habitable by humans in our hole solar system even though we have not discovered much of the universe we live in it does not mean that they are habitable planets in our universe even if they are(habitable planets)in our universe eath is still our biological planet.

Our planet is facing many problems such as inflation loss of minerals but the main problem the earth is facing is climate change.

Climate change is affecting the planet

Planet in a way that the earth is currently facing increase in temperature this because of pollution which is creating climate change.

Climate change is creating rise in temperature extinction of many different types of animals.

Climate change is one of the planets main problem it has a negative impact

on the environment due to pollution and climate change

We can protect our planet by stoping climate change because if we do not do it on time our planet will no longer be habitable for we humans.

Climate change can be stopped

If we stop pollution

If we turn to solar energy

If plant more trees etc.

These are one of many ways to stop climate change if we can do this our planet will be saved.