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Comments by students of Usra Academy | Nigeria

Student Comment Post Date
harmonious_river I believe that protests can be an effective way to express concerns or advocate for change.... Strikes or Protests: which is better 23/5/23
miraculous_artic_fox I will go with all because I really enjoyed doing all and I wish to join next time if possible The Festival is coming to an end… 23/5/23
harmonious_river Yes, climate change can be mitigated as it has significant effects on the world, including... CAN CLIMATE CHANGE BE STOPPED 23/5/23
amazing_horse I personally think this festival has done an amazing job of bringing people from different... Tell us what you think! 22/5/23
harmonious_river This festival has made me more confident. I have improved my writing, listening, and... Tell us what you think! 22/5/23
harmonious_river I agree because... if someone is not in support of something then that person shouldn't join... Not for everyone? 22/5/23
amazing_horse No Humanity can't survive the heat because if the heat increases the ice in Antarctica will melt... The Climate Crisis: Can Humanity Survive the Heat? 21/5/23
pioneering_truth The festival topic I am more passionate about is METAVERSE! The metaverse is a concept with a... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 21/5/23
kind_pie I think metaverse is still nascent stages of development. Therefore, not a lot of research... The Metaverse: Horizon Worlds 21/5/23
kind_pie Metaverse offers highly immersive and interactive experiences that can increase user engagement... The Metaverse: Unlocking Infinite Possibilities 21/5/23
magnificent_alligator Yes, the future is in our hands. There are different activities we can all perform for a... The future of our earth is in our hands 21/5/23
busy_reality No, because nepotism will only build bad relations since It is not a good character. It... Expert challenge: Nepotism and equality 21/5/23
busy_reality First learn more, reach out to people, try to get a diverse mix of people. It would be an open... Expert challenge: Earth Day 21/5/23
amazing_horse Here are some of the positive contributions that I think AI might make: 1, It will make work... The Importance of ALL Arts; AI, Hand/human made, Drama, Music, and all! 21/5/23
amazing_horse Yes, workers should have the power to unleash strikes because workers normally go on strike as a... Strikes Unleashed: Should Workers Hold the Power? 21/5/23
blissful_lobster Yes strike may be necessary sometimes but not all the times because this is a clear indication... Are Strikes Really Necessary? 21/5/23
harmonious_river skills, qualifications, and merits, creating a fair and level playing field for... A World Without Nepotism 21/5/23
harmonious_river The effects of nepotism are significant and can have negative consequences. Firstly, individuals... The effects of nepotism 21/5/23
amazing_horse Yes, factories should be held responsible because the process of manufacturing their products... The future of our earth is in our hands 21/5/23
amazing_horse I envision that the metaverse is going to help us in the future by making work faster, easier,... The Rise of the Metaverse - A New Frontier for Human Interaction 21/5/23