United We Stand, United We Save

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


The Earth is the only habitat that all human beings have. The blessings of Mother Earth are enjoyed by all and it is the human kind only who can be collectively held responsible for her degrading health. What is important for us to realise is that the time has come when we must do the needful individually without thinking that 'I' alone cannot bring about any change.

A common metaphorical statement explains this- many droplets make an ocean. We all are the innumerable droplets who can make the Earth a healthy, balanced, habitable place again through our joint efforts. Here, subjective contributions, without taking into account others' transgressions, are extremely important.

For example, a seller who conducts their business on a digital platform reaches their customers only by post. All their commodities which the clients choose to buy are dispatched in small plastic carry bags , sealed and secure. If the seller is considered to be quite well-established in this trade, the number of such carry bags used and disposed per day will perhaps shock all environmentalists. Furthermore, such a seller is not alone on today's digital market. With the digitisation of monetory transactions, digital businesses have flourished worldwide. On the one hand, while it has boosted entrepreneurs and given them a new identity, the flip side of it is the immeasurable use of plastic in lieu of these small star-ups.

We must look for alternatives. Even if one or two sellers come up with one, they should not back out with the feeling of being an exemption. 'Everyone is using it. What I do won't make any drastic change.' Such thoughts should be banished. They should instead set an example that an alternative way of life is possible. Consumers should refuse to transact unless an alternative to plastic is provided. Individual actions will go a long way in making a collective improvement of our environment.

Such collective consciousness can be developed and fostered in all fields of life. We must realise that the environment is not the responsibility of experts alone. it is OUR environment and WE must protect it, our individual intentions are vital here.