Why pollution is a big problem

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Pollution is a massive problem in the world today and unless something happens soon, it is going to keep on getting worse and worse. The main reason for pollution is littering - This is when things like bottles, plastic bags and sweet wrappers are dropped and left on the floor instead of being put in the bin. This then causes animals to choke on them and they are likely to die because of it. It also contributes to global warming by the pollution breaking the Earth's ozone layer which is protecting us from the Sun's scorching heat. So, I believe that more normal bins and recycling bins should be placed around busy places - This could be schools, parks, and crowded city centres. This is because the most amount of litter in the country is dropped in places like these. I think that the Government should enforce a law where every one of these places must have a minimum of 20 bins (or more depending on how big the place is). This will immediately decrease the amount of litter being dropped in the country and will increase the number of items being recycled. If this law is made,

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  • Hi Capable_Information - there are certainly times when it would be helpful to see more bins. What do you think stops people or businesses from installing more bins?

  • Pollution of the environment is contrary to the nature that God created, and a great danger that harms the water and air in it, and the creatures that inhabit it, so that the environment at that time becomes like a deserted forest of lions, so whoever enters it fears for himself and his health, as it is teeming with everything that makes us fear for ourselves, our health, our lives and our lives. our future, and man becomes desirous of returning to safety and reassurance. A life in which he enjoyed all the means of reassurance and psychological comfort.
    Pollution has worsened and has multiple types and forms harmful to environmental factors such as air, water and land since man began to misuse its resources, starting from acts of negligence and vandalism until recent discoveries he made, and the result was catastrophic, such as nuclear radiation and many others.