Equality in Society

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For hundreds of years, equality for men and woman in society has been an issue. This even dates back to 300BC – one amid the greatest philosophers, Aristotle, was a misogynist. He believed that woman were inferior to men and shouldn’t be allowed to contribute to society. Although, in today's society, men and women are seen as more equal, there is still plenty of sexism in every-day life! For example, men who are seen as masculine figures who are not emotional where-as woman are seen as emotional feminine figure. In my opinion, men and woman should be treated the same! Surely, sexism, misogyny and discrimination are all bad behavioural patterns that should not be normalised in the modern world? People suffer from the horrible abuse of sexism daily!

Currently, the reason man and women aren’t equal is because people have their different views and opinions on which gender is better. The other reasons include sports, education and jobs – just to name a few. On one hand, in most high business jobs, the woman get paid less than the men. On the other hand, every job could be profiled to a specific gender. Some examples include – doctor is male, teacher is female, and builder is male. These stereotypes shape our perspective of the work environment and change how people treat other if they are not in a threadbare job.

Did you know; A survey was conducted in 2019, it asked children (ages 8-10) to draw different jobs. 94% of the children drew stereotypical people for each job. This portrays that children are being affected by sexism and inequality just as much as young people and adults. To end this war against gender inequality, we need to teach the younger generations about how to make a change in the community and teach them how to respect the other genders. In addition to this, we should also make sure there isn't any unfairness or disproportion in places such as workplaces, schools and public places. I believe this will change the future for the better and make this world a kinder, more welcoming place.

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  • Yes, I discussed your point of view with my teachers, and this discrimination is also considered one of the types of violence, and it is one of the factors of society’s corruption. Now the probability of hiring women has increased, but so far the possibility of obtaining a job for women is still declining by an average of 20%, and their wages are about 17%, an average of men, as Women are exposed to a lot of violence, one of which is domestic violence based on women being subjected to all kinds of abuse by the bad partner