Is Nepotism Acceptable??

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Nepotism is something that is common practice among those having some power or authority and favouring their relatives, friends or associates especially by giving jobs etc. Many peoples feel very happy and proud in admiting the support of their family members too much them.One the most major issue raised around the world is equality.

In my opinion , Nepotism is not acceptable because it is based or chosing someone for reason other than merit.It is basically form of favouritism.nepotism can give unfair advantages to family members or friends.Leading to unfair advantages and promotion .But unfortunately in our country in every department nepotism is used.A person who don't have any refferal cannot get good jobs.Even he/she is highly educated.This lead to disapointed many people.

From starting there have been alot of best Pakistan cricket team,who made there name remarkable in history.But nepotism do work here as well.In Pakistan cricket team media also reports about nepotism.A few players are said that not to be on merit for playing 11,but because of the rules and reference get the chance to be selected.And many of the talented ones are unable to be a part of team.This reason that most of our young talent are willing to go abroad to get then desire job.Another common examples of nepotism in our daily life is the Jinnah hospital.Jinnah hospital was built in the Quaid's life.Our great founder of Pakistan no one like you in all over the woirld.We are a independent country because of the continued efforts of Quaid_e_Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.Jinnah hosiptal is one of the largest medical facialites in the province,has been played by nepotism as senior medics are appointed without take merit.A senior doctor at Jinnah Hospital e.g:Dr.Abid Parvaiz,Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed and Zaman khan and professional D.r Shumila Jabeen have been pointed through nepotism.Many people are very distrubed due to nepotism.

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  • I choose idea number 3, and I do not agree with nepotism, because nepotism is something that is unfair and unequal, and I do not support this idea. All jobs must be worked without favoritism. I will never agree to work with nepotism, as it is considered a violation of the law