Nepotism and its impacts.

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Nepotism is unacceptable. In our modern world, nepotism is the opposite of equality. For example, a family member hires another family member. The more capable and hard working person is pushed away and feels unequal or unseen. These are my reasons nepotism is unacceptable. First, it is modern-day discrimination, and second, it can corrupt and destroy our world.

First, it is modern-day discrimination. Marriam-Webster states, “nepotism is favoritism (as in appointment to a job) based on kinship.” This shows that nepotism can be described as favoritism for one person in your family or a group of people, as in a form of discrimination. This also describes how people engaging in nepotism may hire family members instead of people capable and experienced for the profession.

Second, it can corrupt and destroy our world. According to topical talk user “valueable_television”, “We also know that nepotism is a form of corruption that leads to injustice and inequality among the members of society.” This shows how injustice and all things similar can rupture what we have built. This also builds on top of my first reason, modern-day discrimination, as inequality is a component of it.

In conclusion, nepotism is corrupt, and modern-day discrimination. This also can be a good thing, as you may want to pass your fortune and trust to your children, but it ruins the opportunity of greater hires. That is how nepotism is unacceptable.

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  • Nepotism means favouring someone more than his/her capabilities.It challenges the merit of the society.Nepotism is often considered unethical and immoral practice..It also shows the double standards of the society .Nepotism is even narrower form of favouritism.It is a proactive of favouritism based on kinship.
    In nepotism,we used our power or position to appoint our relatives or friends for work without focusing on their qualification and abilities over the qualified one's.
    In this way merit of a country is killed .Lack of jobs for people on merit and giving opportunities to others on nepotism is really unfair and unjust to jobless people or people who are in the position that they deserve better.
    In my opinion Nepotism should be stopped now.. Nepotism is not acceptable and equality is the last way to get rid of it.