Nepotism| is a form of corruption

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The speakers and I know that nepotism is the preference of relatives and friends over others, but is it a form of corruption? Yes, that's what I'm going to talk about First, I'll start with poverty. Yes, nepotism leads society to poverty. how? For example, my uncle is the director of a telecom company, and he has advertised a job for a female secretary in the company. As we know, many have applied, including me and my girlfriend and my girlfriend has higher communication and communication skills than me. This does not mean that my uncle will choose me for the job because I am his niece. No, he would choose the right person for the job, but my uncle sided with nepotism and chose me. Of course, this is what is happening in our time, and it is widespread. And of course it resulted from my uncle's behavior

1-An increase in the number of unemployed

2- High unemployment rate

3- Increasing dependency and extreme poverty

4- Hiding people's talents and skills from society and this is so important Because the skills and abilities of a person work on the development of society and the state, and if they are concealed, this nullifies the development of society and the state.

Second, Disagreements and problems spread widely, and the biggest example of this is between families, where discrimination and favoritism occur between children under the pretext that the son or daughter is more successful in studies than their other brothers, why? Why is this problem not addressed by helping children to study hard and encouraging them to love studying? Also, this behavior results in:

1- Hatred between brothers

2-Loss of self-confidence

3- Resorting to bad deeds

Finally, I will conclude with a question to you speakers: What if your parents preferred your brother or sister over you, how would you feel about that??

Imagine yourselves in this situation

I will be glad to see your comments 🥰🤍

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  • I love your candor and honesty
    Of course, nepotism is one of the biggest forms of corruption. Many of them produce, as I said, of course, they are corruption.

  • First: I liked your appropriate point of view and also something true that nepotism is the basis of corruption, and I agree with you on this statement..
    Second: If my parents chose my brother or sister for me, I expect my reaction to be to hide my feelings and not talk to them about the matter, and then I will distance myself from them comfortably so that I do not feel like I am an extra member of the family.
    I think I am incorrect...
    Can you express your view of my reaction?

  • I agree and think that nepotism is in fact one of the biggest forms of corruption. It's not fair that certain people should be selected for higher positions just because of an unexplainable bond. In fact, it's positively negative and bad for the capitalist market, which centres on the fact that the people who are more skilled get paid more. If people are selecting family over better fitting people, then those people aren't going to do as well and thus are going to lose money. This is another example of how it's bad for companies to be nepotic.

    There are four types of corruption: supply vs demand, grand vs petty, conventional vs unconventional and, most importantly for us, public vs private. The OED ( Oxford English Dictionary ) defines nepotism as "the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or close friends..." The two are practically the same. Public vs private means to give someone a disadvantage or an advantage if they're in your private life when you should be treating them as strangers, practically identical.

    Nepotism is definitely a form of corruption and should not be allowed. That much is clear. But how easy is it to enforce? Already generations of working-age people are nepotic, which they will probably pass down to their descendants. If nepotism is a natural tendency, then it should be impossible to wipe out. Anything from taking a friend's side in an argument when you agree with the other side to letting family members have massive roles that they shouldn't counts, and I'm certain that we've all done the first.

    Nepotism is corruption, true, and it shouldn't be allowed, but it will be impossible to wipe out. We might as well try and shape our culture to it rather than try and shape it to our culture because that is completely fruitless.