Nepotism: Is it acceptable?

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Nepotism can be defined as the practice among those with power or supremacy of favouring relatives, friends or associates, especially by giving them opportunity in jobs and many other fields. It is same like prejudicism. Nepotism is an evil for the economy but most of the people all around the world underestimate it. But in fact it may be considered as the lowest level of corruption. The worst thing in it is misuse of power in the favour of kith and kin by giving them the best positions even though they don't worth it. Question arise here is, "Is it not unfair and unjustified to choose a person just because of personal contacts and relationships? It's really an alarm when someone is not selected for promotion/up grading inspite of all his honesty,hardwork and loyalty. This practice really out weight the merit...... Isn't it? Nepotism destroys the nations' spirit and sincerity with work by providing opportunity to those people who actually don't worth it. It also rudely violates the rights of hundreds of skilled, competent and talented people. If we talked about Pakistan, there are alots of examples where many family members are working at the same institutes/fields .e.g. it is commonly practiced in a lots of companies, fields of politics, cricket, entertainment and in educational institutes as well. Pakistan is considered as a free country that came into being in the name of ideology of Islam and was named the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. But unfortunately people in Pakistan are not given equal rights. Islam never promotes nepotism and due to be a Muslim our belief is in equality. Since, the day Pakistan came into being, people of Pakistan are always been a victim of this favouritism and nepotism. Where relationships of a powerfull figure are raise to similar powers. Also politics is there just for personal interest and benefits, rather than the country's benefit and development.

......IN MY OPINION......

. When relatives are given a post or promotion, by passing an employee with stronger merits, it disfigure employee's morale.

. It also allows rules to be broken and can lead to a disorganized situation for business owners because when chance of jobs will be given to relatives rather than who are more accomplished than them and if they don't compete a merit that comes into broke of law.

. The injustice of the situation will inflame/infuriate all over the office giving a rise to bad work culture.

. Nepotism is both privilege/blessing and malediction for our society as it kills the merit and the rights of the people.

. It acts as a double edge sword, if not handed properly can damage the society severely.

. If better person is employed, it provide solidity and steadiness to the organization.

. If an unsuitable person is employed, it can lead to the close down/collapse of the organization.

. Nepotism has positive as well as negative asspects. If the talent is there in a person for the assinged post then its a good thing but when untallented people are assinged posts it can be dangerous.

......FOR EXAMPLE......

. If two equally-qualified candidates are waiting for a promotion and the boss gives job to his son-in-law, that would be a simplest example of nepotism. It can also happen when someone with less experience is hired because the employer knows them.

. Unfortunately, even educational institutes are not free of this fatal disease of nepotism and favoritism. Education is considered as the only source of progress and development of any country. Despite polishing and improving educational structure, this system is manipulating the education. In universities, it is acommon practice that influential people are giving available posts to their relatives or in admission criteria they have reserved seats for their kith and kin. This is the reason that poor talented students are verry worried about their future. Not only universities but also some other companies, organizations and departments have been practicing nepotism. This system has become as much corrupt and dangerous that even a large number of educated youth are engaged un these types of activities and have ruined their future lives. So who should be blamed for this system? This is our collective responsibility at least perform our part of the duty wuth sincerness and should improve our education system, and support the young talent and gave them chances to show their abilities, talent and work for the country instead of dragging them backward.

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  • Thanks for your thoughtful piece @Honest_Engineer! How do you think we can combat nepotism in education and the workplace as a society?

  • Nepotism is wrong as it gives special favour or reward to anyone. It can give unfair advantage to any person, relative or friend. As a result,it creates anger and anxiety among people. It is completely unacceptable therefore we should avoid nepotism and we should adopt equality in all fields of life because it encourages persons to move ahead in positive and better way.