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There were once a time where no females or girl child can't get out of their house but now All men and women are equal. Though all are equal but there is a discrimination in caste, religion, colour, rich, poor, etc.. The word 'Nepotism' comes from the Latin word 'Nepos' which means nephew. Nepotism is a bad one as it leads to people getting jobs that they are not capable for. It is an early custom followed in all societies where people in power tend to use their power to benefit their own kin. The main reason for nepotism is to keep outsiders from gaining influence. This helps them to maintain status quo.

Selecting inept people leads to loss in business as they may not know about the strategies. It affects them financially for the management and workers.

Nepotism is unfair because it is a drawback for ones who are real talent. It not only affects the individuals but also the whole country in terms of growth and development.
Firstly, It leads to corruption as nepotistic interviews are mostly made on the basis of personal loyalty rather than competence. This means that inept people are often given higher positions, which can have a negative impact on the efficient running of the country. Secondly, it can lead to social unrest as those who are not appointed though a real talented one due to nepotism they may feel defamed. This can lead to protests or riot, which can disrupt the peace and stability of the country. Thirdly, it can have a negative impact on economic development as it often leads to misuse of resources.

We can blame the directors and casting teams but the fact is we are also to be blamed . There is a reason why star kids get lead roles in movies easily but self made struggling actors can't even get auditions to prove their worth. One of the biggest reasons is the audience. The audience is more interested in the family of their favourite ones, than who is actually talented. People would rather watch a star kid perform than an actor whom they dont know but giving their best. Star kids get more attention, therefore launching them is better for business. This was a strategy used by them. Movie like Student of the Year 2 starred by Tiger Shroff, Ananya Pandey and Tara Sutaria earned hundreds of crores , even though it holds a rating of 2.1 IMDB rate. While a movie like Sonchiriya starred by the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput which was praised by every critic only holds 8 IMDB rate.

Therefore, nepotism is an early practice that is followed in almost all societies. It can have a negative impact on the development and growth of a country as it often leads to corruption and the appointment of inept people. It is important for countries to take measures to combat nepotism and ensure that appointments are made on the basis of merit.