Nepotism: Should it be acceptable?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

I have chosen Nepotism as the topic of my issue for multiple reasons. Here is a list of some reasons as to why Nepotism can have a bad effect on different communities and on the world in general:

.It can limit other people's opportunities/chances when it comes to jobs and professions.

. Many Nepo babies do not have the qualities needed to have their job, but still manage to keep it because of their privileges

. A lot of Nepo babies believe that they don't have to share the same respect to ordinary people because they won't lose anything from it

However, there can sometimes be some positives:

. If they don't abuse their power, they could carry out their parents' talents and give their profession a better reputation.

. Reduced recruiting costs.

. Lower turnover.


There can be a variety of POV’s when it comes to Nepotism, each sharing their own reasons or opinions. I will be focusing on the effect it has on people that don’t have the privilege of being a Nepo baby and Nepo babies that have had positive effects.

An example of a bad effect is the way some Nepo babies treat other people within their work space. Since they have the privilege of almost unlimited opportunities, they sometimes do not feel the need to respect people that they think are ‘beneath’ them. This generally just gives the work space a bad reputation and less people will probably want to be there.

Another example is that it lacks creativity, productivity and engagement. Having positions because of other people does not require you to have any experience, you just get it and that does not require you to use your own mind to do anything apart from taking credit for other people's work.

Even though Nepotism has mostly had bad effects, some Nepo babies such as Dakota Johnson, Ben Stiller, Dan levy etc have real talent and many people fully believe they deserve their fame even though they're Nepo babies.


Overall, I believe that Nepotism should only be tolerated as long as the person has genuine talent and really deserves their opportunities and fame. Nepo babies could still naturally have a little more opportunities than others, but it should not affect anyone else and they should still have to work for their privileges because in simple words, Nepotism could also be viewed as discrimination.