Nepotism: should it be allowed in an organization

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Standpoint on Nepotism

If nepotism and favouritism is a natural phenomenon, then perhaps it's not worth an organization to fight it all. Even though nepotism and favouritism are often evaluated negatively. Some people see their benefits in the context of social connection. For instance some organization can function successfully at a certain level of nepotism.The ethical behaviour and loyalty is associated with nepotism. One of the basis themes and ethics is fairness stated this way by Aristotle; Equals should be treated equally and unequal should be treated unequally. Favouritism interfere with fairness because they give undue advantage to someone who does not necessarily like the treatment. Nepotism can be prevented in workplace through the following:

-Detailed job descriptions.

-There should be specific policy(the company should have a policy)

-Transparent recruitment and promotion processes.

- Fair and equal employee treatment.

Bad nepotism comes into play when employee feel low at work. Moreover employees constantly fear, that if any action they take will be reported to the manager or head of the company without knowing about it. Nepotism in a family business reduces hiring cost and also build loyalty on caring about the business and there is cooperation and low turnover.

Nepotism could lead to discipling problems for people who are in position of authority over an owner family clearly defining any certain demand. The disadvantages of nepotism such as unfairness to other employees, conflict between staff who have previously worked in the company and the new member of staff who have been hired because of family relationship.

Nepotism can only be bad in an organisation if less competent people are hired over competent people. Whereby the organisation is not a family owned but if it is a family owned organization is it not bad because if any member complete his or her education he or she is expected to work in the company as long as there is a vacant position he or she is fit to apply for.

My final point on nepotism can be good or bad depending on the organization policy.