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AI is revolutionizing the way art is created, consumed and appreciated. With the use of advance... My Thoughts On Artificial Intelligence 25/5/23
To begin with Nigeria is refered to as giant of Africa,but from my own perspective it's because... The news where you are 18/5/23
The Crown of a king or queen is not just a headdress but more than. This is because wherever a... THE CROWN IS MORE THAN JUST A FANCY HEADDRESS 15/5/23
Nowadays we use nepotism to refer to the hiring or promotion of a family member ( including in... Nepotism: Is it good or bad? 14/5/23
I disagree because of a reason, and the reason is that Social media lacks Emotional and Physical... Teenagers and social media 11/5/23
People who uses AI should not be called an artist because, Artificial intelligence lacks it own... AI poll results! 10/5/23
Royals are relevant, depending on the type of monarchy they rule on. If it is an absolute... Are royals relevant? 09/5/23
Continuation to the post: Causes of strikes are as follows: Inadequacy of argument, that s a... strike concept . 08/5/23
I would like to ask a question Is Art advancing on the part of the Democratization of creativity ? Thinking questions 08/5/23
Emergency services has a lot of jobs to give to the citizens of a particular country. That's why... Pick ONE person 08/5/23
To begin with AI can be produced quickly and in large quantities and it can be highly detailed... Test your knowledge 07/5/23
Going on strike is not a good idea for every workers no matter the type of work they engage... strike concept . 07/5/23
In Nigeria, where we have many royal kings. Examples of royal kings in Nigeria are Ooni of... The role of royals 06/5/23
I agree because... there are many benefits to using AI for Art creations such as exploring new... Competition #4 Then and now 05/5/23