is monarchy important

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

“Is monarchy important?” is a topic that is very important to talk about especially now that Charles lll was announced king of . This topic is important because some people think that Royalty needs to do more and others also think that there may be more viable options like a better government but there is also a portion of people that completely go against these points and support the Royalty family and think this is how The UK is supposed to be ran but is there better and more viable options for these problems and if there is what are they?

In the topic “is monarchy important?” people are split into two groups of people the first group of people are mostly immigrants from other countries that never experienced monarchy or royalty before and think its different and most people don't like different that's why this group of people don't think monarchy is important and think that UK should be ran like many other countries that are ran by government and the community. On the other hand people that were born in the UK or come from a place where there is a monarchy like belgium or morocco think it is normal and also think that this is the way that UK should rule because they are used to it because again people don't like change.

In my opinion i understand that monarchy in this country is very important for this nation and also very cultural important for the people that live here but because i am new to this system and i have only been living here for about a year i am still bias that using a government is a better and more viable option for a country instead of using a monarch in which my opinion just sits around gets his money from hard workers in the country that pay their taxes and in some occasions they go out sit down and wave at people and get money.