Is the life of the royal family in Britain always a must see??

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The life of the royal family in Britain has always been the focus of everyone's attention. When you open any side of social media, you see the name of the royal family in Britain topping the headlines. But do you think we should always look at their personal lives? What is happening in Buckingham Palace? Should the people  The British in particular should tell scandals or things that happen in the royal family? The answer to all these questions is no. The British family is people and individuals who are human beings like us. They have their secrets and mysteries that should not be looked at much. The British press or others always write many articles about the royal family.  In Britain, the royal family became the focus of everyone’s conversations, until it came to a clear comparison between family members. Megan Markle is always compared to Kate Mendelton, and how they raise their children, and this is wrong, and I support Megan Markle by leaving the royal family and putting the full time for her children to raise them, but is this  It will negatively affect the power of Prince Harry. The British are looking forward to the king who will rule after King Charles and who is the queen who will rule her people. Are they Prince William and Princess Kate Milton or Prince Harry and Princess Megan?  Who will rule, and will the removal of Prince Harry from royal duties will have a decline and a small percentage of him being the ruler of Britain? These are the frequent questions that the press always asks, but don’t you think that these questions are too early to be asked when King Charles recently crowned Britain and in this period it is difficult to judge  Who will rule Britain after the death of King Charles?  The Queen of Britain, Queen Elizabeth, was interested in the smallest details of Prince Harry. Queen Elizabeth was looking forward to Harry being the future king after King Charles. Now the people need to know a little about the royal family and not information that increases or affects their power. We cannot say for sure that the Queen did not like Megan.  Markle prefers Kate over Megan. We cannot enter the heart of the Queen to know if she really hates Megan Markle, but I think that the Queen hates her. The heart of any grandmother or mother cannot hate her daughter-in-law or grandson’s wife, whatever happens, and this is from my point of view. The people have the right to know the information  They belong to those who rule them, but not all of them, no matter what happens, the royal family remains with its secrets, because in the end it is a family, and you have no right to know the secrets of the inner family. What do you think???

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  • I will answer the most easy question. I think one of the most important rights of the royal family that was taken away from them and they do not enjoy it is the right to privacy. They really do not have any privacy in the matter. I think the publication of confidential and confidential information about kings should be limited. Secrets remain preserved and we think before we speak about them, because rumors can be issued after this information. People think differently. Each person has a point of view. When the secret about kings is published, every person will say a rumor until the dignity of kings is distorted. At this time, I can say that I can become a broadcaster on Television, and I will tell all the information about kings daily or weekly, and this is proof that kings never have the right to privacy.

    1. I agree with you, in the end they are human beings like us who have the right to privacy; the people can know information about the king that makes them revolt against the king or demand his abdication from the throne. Secrets and privacy are like a Pandora's box that should not be opened.

  • I agree this standpoint partially. While I do believe that the British royal family is entitled to their privacy, they have a reputation to uphold as they often act as the representatives of their country. Because of this position, they should expect the downsides of this. I do believe they are owed their privacy though, as they are still people. Things such as scandals and drama within the family should NOT be given out freely for the world to see, as that is something that should be handled amongst themselves. But something such as what they do in their personal lives and such should be known, as most of their lives revolve around being royals and whatnot.