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Our topic for today is about the metaverse. In this topic, a lot of interaction occurred by the participating students as well as those responsible for the festival. Because we discussed the things that happened with everyone and we talked about the issue of privacy on the Internet and we learned that it is possible to design a program through the metaverse, as it is a program that combines multiple components of computational technology and augmented reality video. __One of its downsides is that people quickly become addicted to it and become very dependent on it, which leads to difficulty in adapting to virtual reality and real reality. But keep this in mind that without technology, this economic basis would not exist on the Internet. Technology allows us to study more and develop our creative abilities, as well as its disadvantages. It does not make machines their jobs easier, but rather makes us work less. Some people will refuse to work because machines will do all their work for them, which leads to extreme laziness. This thing reduces job opportunities. However, technology creates more job opportunities than it has ratified by providing digital services and products in all industries, especially in areas where there is still a lot that needs to be transferred to our number. This includes electronic commerce, which is purchasing via the Internet and banking services via The Internet and the delivery of items, payments and lessons via the Internet, but let's see its advantages.

Yes, communicating with different people is good, but not all people are good, although not everyone is good, but I always think that there are more good people than bad. It is likely that many people will disagree with me Q. Even if a person is being bullied on the Internet, he can block his mute. Also, with electronic friendships, it is possible to change your condition for the better. For example, you feel lonely, you change, you were afraid of people, but let us be a little careful because the Internet has a lot of bullying and infiltration, and people like YouTubers can make money using these The newly launched game to develop their platform on various applications and social networks You can also avoid addiction by engaging in other activities so that you do not find it difficult to adapt to virtual reality and real reality, and you can also reduce the time you spend on the Internet I

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  • Your point of view attracted my attention. I liked your thinking that you think of new things. If everyone becomes addicted to applications, and so on, then it becomes very negative and it is not possible to adapt to the real and virtual reality. The addicted person can find it difficult to adapt between the virtual and real reality, but what do we do to avoid these difficulties? Metaverse can set a time for users to make it easier to adapt to reality and not make it difficult to adaptBut do you think. That Metaverse has more negatives than these? I hope you answer me