Better real world and virtual with interpretation

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It is considered one of the main disadvantages of virtual reality games is that not everyone can afford it, it is very expensive and people who cannot afford it will not be able to use this technology from one of the other virtual reality technologies is that this technology should not replace normal communication between people and one of the most widespread negatives (Eye strain due to frequent viewing of virtual reality programs and exposure to addiction on the Internet .... The use of special types of special computers in this field leads to the technician having headaches or other diseases) and one of the most important advantages is the use of virtual reality technology in video games and the user feels that he is Another world in video games with a virtual reality game console. I think that the real world is more difficult to deal with than the virtual world because the virtual world poses a great danger to our children and adults.

Augmented reality works on inserting content or placing it in the real world using several devices such as: a headset, a smartphone screen..... and others.

While virtual reality, people think that it replaces the real reality, and this is a negative thing on the real reality

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  • I agree that cost can be a barrier for some people to access virtual reality technology and enjoy VR games. It is true that VR headsets and equipment are still expensive, which limits the availability of this technology to those who can afford it.

    Additionally, virtual reality should not replace normal communication between people, as it can lead to social isolation and detachment from real-life interactions. While VR can provide an immersive experience, it cannot fully replace the value of physical human interaction and connection.

    Finally, prolonged exposure to virtual reality programs can cause eye strain and other negative effects such as addiction to the internet. It is important for users to take breaks and limit their exposure to avoid these potential risks.