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The metaverse is the newest technology and is the next step of the online world. I firmly believe that the metaverse is an astonishing invention and could change the lives of many people. However, has anyone thought about how this can affect reality and the mental health and wellbeing of our people within it? And if so, how are they going to manage this major concern that has become a pressing issue within communities, surely they should be prioritising the health of our people.

The metaverse is an amazing invention and has lots of potential. This is because of the boundless Exploration that it provides. It allows you to explore Endless virtual worlds and places that you may not have the chance to visit in real life, such as futuristic cities and ancient civilizations. Within these worlds you can interact with people from all around the world and make new friends, You can also collaborate with the people you meet and create places that you've dreamed about. From a house to a whole other world. The metaverse provides so many opportunities but it can also offer so many educational experiences for young learners. Such as the chance to explore many different careers and industries, it shows you so many jobs that some people didn’t even know existed.

However, although there are so many opportunities, There are many downsides to the metaverse. Recently there has been a major concern within communities about what the metaverse is actually capable of and how people are treating its main purpose, Well in the metaverse your personal Information and activities are tracked and collected by companies, Which leads me to my next point about online safety. Interacting with people in the metaverse means meeting new people and encountering both friendly individuals and people with some bad intentions. It;s important to be mindful about the risks that come with being online and interacting with the metaverse. In many high tech countries like Tokyo and India there are so many people who work long work shifts and prefer to use the metaverse as a place to escape after a long day, however spending excessive time on it can lead to addiction and neglection to real life responsibilities which can cause people to be very inactive with the things around them.

Overall I think that the metaverse should really be discussed before further action takes place.

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  • You've provided several interesting points @adventurous_piccolo. What are your thoughts on how the metaverse could be governed?