Hello Topical Talkers

My standpoint is going to be about metaverse

What is metaverse: Essentially metaverse it is a world of endless interconnected virtual commenties where people can meet , work and play , using virtual reality headsets , augmented reality glasses, smartphone apps or other devices (APS news).

Who invented metaverse:Neal Stephon ,snow crash (1992). The term metaverse was coined in Neal Stephenson 1992 science fiction novels snow crash , where humans , as programmable avatars , interact with each other and software agents , in a three dimentional virtual space that uses the metaphor of the real world(WIKIPEDIA).

Where is metaverse located: Metaverse is located on the internet called web 3 and can be accessed online using a browser or virtual reality (VR) headset .(BITKAN . COM).

Which country uploaded metaverse :The pacific nation of Tuvalu is planning to create a version of itself in the metaverse , as a response to the existential threat of rising sea levels . Tuvalu minister for justice , communication and foreing affairs , simon Kofe , made the announcement via a chilling digital address to leaders at COP27(CHINA WATER RISK).

What are the metaverse advantages and disadvantages : Life like experience, equal access, better collaboration and new business opportunities, yet there is the potential for higher costs, privacy violations, bullying and addiction (TECH TARGET ).

What are the biggest benefit of metaverse : One of the biggest benefit of metaverse is the potential to overcame barriers to education, such as geographic location or social economic statues. Students from all over the world could participate in the virtual classrooms, have access to the same learning materials and interact with each other (LINKEDIN).

What are the positive effect of metaverse :People will be able to learn by doing and not just possively absorbing information, diving into new topics and experiences and deeping their knowledge through 3D immersion. With the metaverse, fire fighters will one day be equipped to rescue people faster (WIKIPEDIA).