The meta verse is a digital platform which people believe could be the next iteration of the internet. The internet is a place where a global community of networks provides information in a lot of various ways.

This 3D virtual space is a very interesting place and has a lot of potential. However, there are also the bad sides of the metaverse and I am going to be talking about the positives and the negatives of the so-called next iteration of the internet.

Firstly, the metaverse has quite a bunch of positives to it. I will be telling you about 3 of them. The metaverse has an unlimited potential that reaches even further technology companies and gaming platforms. Because of this, businesses start to use the metaverse experiences to connect/engage and interact with customers in new and different ways. Secondly, because the metaverse promises to mimic the real world social interactions and accurately represent physical objects in 3D. People will be able to collaborate as if they were in the same room as other individuals. Lastly, The metaverse has been able to help people such as in brazil where the surgeons successfully separated conjoined twins with real time assistance located in their own countries. Simply put, the metaverse allows people to come together in the metaverse and co-create new things in new ways.

The negatives of the metaverse are quite a pain because firstly, Some people might have simulator sickness. Simulator sickness is a form of motion sickness that a user may suffer during immersive experiences.Secondly, Individuals and enterprises that are alike will have to shell out some cash to get into the metaverse. People will have to buy the technology that is needed to participate such as Vr headsets. The companies are looking at greater costs as they find out what they need to do with the metaverse and when they should start making investments and how much it will cost to reach their objectives. Lastly, The metaverse might include bullying and bad behaviour. This type of behaviour has occurred throughout the whole of the metaverse.

In conclusion, I clearly depict how the metaverse shows the positives(Pros) and the Negatives(Cons) of the metaverse in a few different ways. The positives clearly shows that the metaverse is a good place to be while the negatives shows the dangers of the metaverse through the clear explanation.