This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

The MetaVerse has been blown up on the internet with popularity as companies put more and more effort into it to archive. The MetaVerse is an immersive digital environment where people through the internet could access. In the MetaVerse people have the ability to interact with computer generated worlds and scenes with countless opportunities. So far people learn to adapt and use it in a variety of ways such as: gaming, working, shopping and testing the boundaries of the MetaVerse. However, although it can do thousands of things, not all of them are good. Users could exploit it as it isn’t actually “in the real world.”. So far companies have funded about £70 billion throughout 5 years. However, the precise definition and implementation of the metaverse are still evolving, and its ultimate form and widespread adoption remain to be seen.

The MetaVerse is a great tool to enhance communication and collaboration between users and could also expand opportunities for creativity and expressions. It could be used for an immersive experience that would feel like the real world.

In the Future, people could go to school instead of actually going or they could go do their shopping in seconds. Many things can be archived using the MetaVerse .

However, there aren’t any rules in the MetaVerse so people are limitless in their imagination. People could exploit it by bullying and not getting caught or could hack to track their headset and steal information. People could also have access to illegal items in the real world through the MetaVerse. Companies haven’t really thought about rules in the MetaVerse which could lead to huge problems in the future. It’s almost certain that this will be our future.

Overall, we can see that the MetaVerse is going to impact the future greatly. In my opinion, I think it’s an excellent idea but there should be rules in place such as in the real world. The safety of the metaverse is a crucial consideration and is subject to various factors. While the concept of the metaverse holds potential for positive experiences, there are also potential risks and challenges associated with its development and use.