This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Our current real world is a controlled reality in which we will be able to do social interaction, entertainment and consumption but in the virtual world, the imagination is the king we are no more obedient to others, independent, and tempting to Utopian future. The meta-universe provides us another means of life in which we will put ourselves what we want to imagine, we will create our identity that is close to our creativity that will no more bound to the limits of our physical appearance.

Currently, the Metaverse platform is absorbing all the cyber-technologies, the Internet, and industry. Today, our computing power, powerful communication network, blockchain, cloud computing, AR/VR, and many other technologies enable us to make a second identity possible, we are now able to integrate games, social networking, digital twins, virtual engines, and many other things, the Metaverse platform is similar as a religious paradise where you have the freedom to do anything without any moral obligation.

The Metaverse is a huge concept, in recent years it will become a second world in which every industry will participate, the Metaverse is not limited to a specific society, language barrier, culture, or heritage but a global world where everyone’s imagination resides. According to linguist Wittgenstein language is a medium for people to understand each other, but ideas that cannot be expressed by language cannot be understood, in this context, the Metaverse is the imaginative language of the brain where everyone matches his own imagination with the platform, develop creative ideas to play and entertain without physical obstacles.

The Metaverse platform reflects human nature therefore in the future there will be large-scale conflicts regarding supervision and autonomy, those who possess more administrative and logical power always try to dominate others, the concept of possessions of things is also important here due to its close link with real-world every human nature good or bad will also impact our second reality.