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productive_watermelon Yes I think we can, helping someone is giving aid to someone, while nepotism is depriving... Nepotism a natural tendency 21/5/23
caring_temperature Hello, candid_keyboard! Well, I agree with you, the topic leading to this conversation is are... The Change of Times 21/5/23
reliable_song The act of nepotism in our modern day is very hard to understand and analyze based on how people... NEPOTISM; MISINTERPRETED 21/5/23
persuasive_sparrow hello, I am speaking basically from my own perspective and the way I see things happening in my... What should be done? 21/5/23
unbiased_buffalo Nepotism destroys the society and allows incompetent people to replace the competent ones.... What is nepotisim really about 21/5/23
charismatic_ukulele Yes, I agree with you nepotism really has a way of bringing down development. In my point of... The nepotism 21/5/23
motivated_chemistry Honestly I believe nepotism cannot be avoided because family will always try to help family even... Nepotism a natural tendency 21/5/23
affable_bird Well, as the press, you are to be transparent in all your dealings because what ever you pass... Not for everyone? 21/5/23
caring_temperature Hello! Well, I definitely think that nepotism undermines equality reason, from the definition... The Incompatibility of Nepotism with the Principle of Equality 21/5/23
motivated_chemistry I agree because... "Breakthroughs in generative artificial intelligence have the potential to... Will artificial intelligence affect other professions? 21/5/23
blithesome_pie What is AI artwork? Artificial intelligence is the field of science which works to build... Will AI art destory the art world? 21/5/23
wonderful_kiwifruit I agree because if workers are given the choice to determine their working conditions most of... STRIKES: The decision for vital workers 21/5/23
trusting_analysis Nepotism is something that happens in every field of life that is why without nepotism we... What should be done? 21/5/23
motivated_chemistry I agree. Most people just jump into conclusion. They always think "Every kid with rich parents... NEPOTISM; MISINTERPRETED 21/5/23
charismatic_ukulele I agree because some organizations, industries and countries have fallen because of nepotism,... The Risks of Nepotism in Hiring 21/5/23
consistent_hippopotamus Functionally, strikes provide workers with the bargaining power to drive fair and meaningful... Strikes: Beneficial or Not? 21/5/23
congenial_pear We are pressed on time for immediate action and decision in order to affect climate change... Climate Change: Are We Really Making a Difference? 21/5/23
reliable_song Yes, I agree with you that nepotism has a role in delaying the wheel of development this is... The nepotism 21/5/23
tenacious_drum Monarchs have a power to unify: Most contemporary monarchs are not so much “born to rule” as... Royalty in the modern world 21/5/23
trusting_analysis Speaking from a cautious aspect of this, well I believe that actions are easier said than done.... Nepotism poll results! 21/5/23