Metaverse essay

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


The metaverse is a place parallel to the physical world, where people may spend their digital life. The topic is important because it will affect nearly the whole world within the future, especially people with important careers (nurses, doctors etc.). I think that it is bad because it will make people lose their grip with reality and be addictive, meaning they won’t spend their time in real life. The player's perspective will differ largely on this topic due to the amount. The creators perspective of the metaverse is probably the most important because whatever happens in the metaverse will affect them greatly. In this essay I will list the positives and negatives of the metaverse and how it will affect the world and population.


A positive of the metaverse is that you can communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time. This is useful because if for example someone is in a long distance relationship or has family in another country, they could easily spend time and have a conversation with their loved one.

Secondly, Another positive is that it aids within surgeries and addresses medical and mental health problems for patients and others. To give an example, if someone had a heart surgery, the surgeon could visualise the insides of it in the metaverse and help them plan out what to do.


There are many negatives of the metaverse, one of them being that people lose their grip with reality. Examples of this include people being madly addicted to it and losing their real, better life and that some mentally ill people may even forget the difference between the metaverse and reality.

Another negative of the metaverse includes there being a likelihood of bad behaviour and privacy violations. For instance, a hacker may get into another person’s avatar or profile or someone might bully innocent people on it and hurt their feelings massively, which then leads to a bad consequence for everyone involved.


In conclusion, I am against the metaverse because it disconnects people from reality. Another reason is because it is practically pointless, except for doctors and important careers. I think that it should be only used when needed, for example surgeries or technological advancements. The impact this would have is that people would have a normal life, not a virtual life. It would also be used for good reasons making it highly useful.