Metaverse technology between the present and the future

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


The emerging metaverse technology consists of two words, meta and the second is virus, meta meaning beyond and virus meaning worded from several pieces, which is meant beyond this world, i.e. the unreal world or the virtual world..This issue was in the past just a fantasy and existed in previous novels from the nineties of the last century ,Today, it has become a reality, although this technology is still in its infancy and has not reached what is called full maturity.It has very important tools, computers and smart phones, in addition to glasses for the virtual world, as well as gloves that are placed in the hand to move the hand. The applications and services that are available in this virtual world and these spaces can be offered for sale. These technologies use three very important things, which are algorithmic chains, which is the beginning of strange progress in relation to cryptocurrencies as well as this large world.It is based on artificial intelligence and other technologies, technology companies, including Meta, which was Facebook, and allocated large sums of about 10 billion dollars, especially 10 thousand technicians and professionals who have experience. Certainly, these conflicts between major companies are not a struggle with what is best and best for humans, but rather an achievement of a scientific precedent in this field. b AR and Virtual Reality which is referred to as VR. AR augmented reality is what is related to these mechanisms, tools and products that are manufactured and included within the so-called virtual reality VR. This technology has very great risks, the most important of which is at the expense of privacy.Sensitive information about user habits and characteristics that are very difficult to obtain via the Internet The dangers of addiction that we suffered from from communication sites A world that makes people dizzy from risks, hacking and penetration, as experts say, is greater than our world today, but these matters can also be addressed, the great ambiguity around it. Identity The identity of a person through this world will diminish him because a person through his coexistence with this world, especially if he is addicted, does not practice his religious rituals in addition to cultural diversity, twin industry and financial institutions, but severe risks in financial institutions for financial criminal purposes such as market manipulation and penetrations Artificial intelligence is used in data analysis like lightning instead of It takes days, these technologies are important in the field of transfers, data, plans and programsWe establish contracts through the virtual world, such as online tents that were previously set up for advocacy. We use metaverse technology in the development of the economic system, but we need the participation of the state and laws to control this technology so that risks do not occur to you, especially penetration, espionage and childish crimes.For us, the Arabs, we can use metaverse technology in Islamic banks, zakat funds, endowment institutions, and charitable works in the field of analysis, data, and presentation, while setting controls to protect the institution and users, and global technologies to prevent these crimes. Fraud crimes will increase in light of the lack of verification of the identity of the contracting parties in light of what is known With the digital twin, we need great efforts from everyone, and Islamic banks should allocate part of their profits to conduct experimental research and seek the help of global, regional and international benevolence, to protect and develop themselves. Keeping pace with development, not being preoccupied with partial issues, and sufficient freedom, scientific and political atmosphere, and support for scholars must be provided. It is not strange that God begins His Holy Book with the word read. Governments must support and prepare the nation for this stage.