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Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more entrenched in our societies. It threatens our... The impact of artificial intelligence on society 24/5/23
Yes it makes a difference but if we cooperate with each other, it is possible to wrap pastries... Climate Change: Are We Really Making a Difference? 21/5/23
At first, comments poured out praising and welcoming this service, but soon concerns emerged and... "AI" is taking over the world. 19/5/23
I think this is because we cannot do without technology in our highly complex world and the... Artificial Intelligence: Transforming the World with Boundless Potential 19/5/23
It's a double edged sword I would say. In the wrong hands it can be devastating but for the good... Artificial Intelligence: Transforming the World with Boundless Potential 18/5/23
The AI is trained on past data. The past predicts the future - this is the principle on which... "AI" is taking over the world. 18/5/23
I think there are pros and cons about artificial intelligence. However, what I can say for now... Artificial Intelligence: Transforming the World with Boundless Potential 18/5/23
AI is already causing harm because it erodes and leads to unnecessary critical thinking, which... "AI" is taking over the world. 17/5/23
The term artificial intelligence covers a very broad field. While there is hardly any objection... The blessing of having artificial intelligence. 17/5/23
The strike in the United Kingdom has caused chaos everywhere, paralysis in all walks of life,... Which situation is best? 17/5/23
Today, after school hours, I discussed with our teacher and classmates the issue of hazardous... Watch our live lesson! 16/5/23
You can create awareness about climate change by meeting an environmentally friendly person who... EARTH DAY: CREATING AWARENESS 15/5/23
For example, I will choose a place through which we can gain a lot of experience and knowledge... Save the planet 15/5/23
Yes, I agree with what you said. Humans are the ones who created, programmed and excelled in the... Man intelligence between past and present 12/5/23
After my research I found that a scientist metaverse A digital world where real and virtual... Currency in the metaverse: banking on brilliance or ballooning on bankruptcy? 12/5/23
Artificial intelligence is developing very quickly and expanding daily in the fields of work and... ART IS JUST FEELINGS ON A CANVAS 12/5/23
All skills complement each other, especially I will focus on creativity because it is the most... Competition #5 Standpoint skills 12/5/23
٠Clearly, Mother Earth is sending us an urgent call to action. Nature is suffering, the... Celebrating Earth Day: A Call to Action for a Sustainable Future 12/5/23
Favoritism is a painful reality, and it is the most common type of corruption in the... Test your knowledge 11/5/23
To eliminate the wasta... the influential must be eliminated, and to eliminate the... Challenging Nepotism for True Equality 11/5/23