Should strike be aloud?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


What is a strike? according to a website strike can be defined as a group of people come together to stop their work if they are against some order and sit downdown at a place or hold rallies to protest against someone. The people refuse to do their work at this time because some order taken by the higher authority. They might have held the strike because the order has been taken against them. Strikes are held everywhere in schools, hospitals, offices etc. People from union also hold the strike. Sometimes if the workers feel the company is not giving them enough wages as promised or they are decicions being taken which is not good for them, they hold strike. Strikes have become very common people try to change the orders decisions and other actions by holding strikes and protesting against them they think that if they hold the strike everything will tell place according to what they want, they don't think of the consequences of strike on the common people. Strikes are mostly ccaused by the following:

# Low wages

#poor working conditions

#Unfair labour practices

#Benefit reduction

#Contract negotiations

#Out sourcing and job

#Lack of job lost

#Over working

#Lack of representation

#Political issue.

Bellow are the prevention of the strike:

#Practice empathy

#Maintain a positive attitude

#Allow for worker autonomy

#Provide employee with the information they need

#Consider appearnes

#Consider employee safety.

I choose the topic strike because actually i think that every worker deserve to strike actually but not every worker e.g police force,medical professionals,and fire fighters. According to the google the United kingdom has currently banned from taking strike action under the acct of 1996. The same goes in Nigeria, the Nigerian police force public relations officer "olumuyiwa adeboji". Said "The Nigerian police forces aren't union worker or other types of workers that go on strike". I would like to thank all other topical talkers because i have learned new things that i wasn't taught, they taught me alot of new things and I'm really grateful thank you.