Should strikes be allowed?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Recently a lot of people haven't been in school/work because of strikes. Strikes are where workers refuse to go to work.But should they be allowed? People strike because of not being paid enough or not good enough work conditions. Studies say that 40% of people think strikes are effetice 10% think that they are less effective and 38% think they are disruptive. In this essay I will show you the negative and positive about strikes.

Doctors, teachers and other people who are striking have a crucial job. Without them people would struggle since doctors save lives and teachers prepare us for the future. Sadly they don't get as much as they deserve so they strike for more money. Striking is an effective way to get the attention of the government and get recognized.It also increases public awareness and they can get support. They strike for money for the students so they can get more experience so their reasons aren't selfish.

On the other hand strikes can be highly disruptive to the people living around and the business since they don't have enough people working. Studies have shown that 2.472million working days were lost because of the strikes. Also students have lost learning time due to the strikes and may lose more. Another disadvantage is that it's not a really effective solution to address the problem. If the strikes don't succeed they don't get paid plus the government isn't really reacting to the problem. So they just lose money and don't get a pay rise.

Strikes should be allowed since people are working really hard and not getting enough but not on a really busy day since it will affect everyone. Like if transportation workers strike people who are not striking won't be able to get to work. The government should acknowledge them instead of ignoring the problem.